Building a Fire

Campers rely heavily on fire for food, warmth, and entertainment. Thus, it is important that every camper knows how to practice campfire safety.

Picking a SpotroastinglogsBackground

Check the campsite fire conditions and make sure it is okay to build a campfire. This will depend on the season and dryness of the area. When booking a campsite ask if the location has a fire ring or fire pit which is the safest option for hosting a fire.

If there is no built in spot and campers are allowed, making a fire pit from scratch is another option. Choose a spot that is protected from wind gusts and at least 15 feet from tents and gear.  Dig a pit in the dirt about a foot deep and circle with rocks. Remove grass, twigs, and leaves from surrounding area.

Never rip or cut branches from living trees for firewood. Keep the fire small so it is maintainable. Avoid leaving the fire unattended.

Extinguishing the Fire

stelprdb5431180_tnIf possible, allow the wood to burn to ash. Pour enough water on the fire to drown all the embers. Make sure everything is wet and that the logs are cold enough to touch. If water is not available, stir in dirt until the material is cool.  Remember, ifit’s too hot to touch the fire is not out.

Never burn aerosol cans or pressurized containers, since they can explode. In addition, no glass or aluminum cans in the fire.





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