Camping with Kids

Camping is a full-on sensory experience that will persuade any young adventurer that sleeping in a tent is cool.

Planning Ahead

Get kids more interested in camping by having them be involved in planning the trip together. Decide on where to go, whether deep in the forest or on the seashore. Location will depend on activities, interests, and age of children. Bethany Hawley, REI spokesperson, suggests incorporating their interest so that they are engaged for a longer period.

A backyard campout is an alternative option for first time campers. This can be a learning experience for the whole family with tasks such as, how to pitch a tent and experiencing a night of sleep outdoors.

Kids-CampingStay organized by creating lists of what the kids will need for food, sleeping, clothing, and entertainment. Bring plenty of flashlights and batteries.

Fun-Filled Activities

Creating fun and information activities will help the trip go smoothly. Teach kids about fire, bug, and overall camping safety. Create little chores such gathering wood for a fire or helping prepare meals.

Also, arrange for entertaining activities such as hiking, fishing, or have your own scavenger hunt.  Create memories by bringing disposable cameras or journal for kids to document the trip. In case the weather turns bad, bring cards and board games.





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