Pack Smart

The Efficient Camper Check List

Deciding what to bring along on an adventure outdoors can be difficult. Have no fear! This list will help organize and prioritize, keeping you a happy camper!

 1. Sleeping arrangements

Campers require a good night sleep to energize for exploration. Choosing a tent involves looking into space and comfort. Camping tents typically sleep 4, 6, or 8 people. Choose a model based on your group’s size and whether or not you might need additional space for extra friends, gear, or dogs. Larger tents are complex and more difficult to set up.

After a tent is picked, next is a sleeping bag. For extra comfort, an inflatable mattress is best. Note this requires some type of pump to

2. Pajamas

Never think you will be warm enough, because you won’t. Pack extra socks, sweatpants, sweaters, and jackets. Layering is key. Invest in a pair of long johns.

3. Gear

Certain activities require different equipment. If there is any type of walking, hiking, backpacking involved a decent pair of tennis shoes or hiking boots is a must. Hiking boots are typically worn for more rigorous activities such as long hikes or climbing. Note that if the ground is wet a back-up pair of shoes may come in handy.

Swimming is another common activity if camping near water. Pack a swimsuit and towel. Sunscreen and bug spray are also a good idea.

4. Hungry Campers

Pack a lot of extra food. Snacks such as nuts, fruit, and granola bars, come in handy when hiking or kayaking. Plan meals ahead of time and prepare a shopping list. According to Bonnie Scott, author of 100 Easy Camping Recipes, if you can cook it at home, you can cook it over a campfire if you bring the needed ingredients and cooking equipment.

5. After Dark

Building a fire is essential to cooking food, and staying warm. Buy extra firewood for morning and nighttime. Check in advance to see if there is a convenience store near the campgrounds or somewhere to purchase wood. This can lighten the load on the trip to the campsite. You can’t rely on all the light source being provided by a fire. Bring lanterns, candles, and flashlights.

6. Safety

Plan a safe camping trip. Be prepared by purchasing a safety kit.





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