What’s Cooking?

There are some foods that are perfect for cooking while camping. Here is a list of what to cook and what to leave back home in the pantry.

In a Skillet

A nice frying pan can easily cook up what is prepared in the kitchen. For breakfast scramble some eggs and potatoes for protein to get the day started out right.

 On a Stick

bonfire-camp-fire-marshmallow-stick-Favim.com-265912Anything that can be put on a stick or skewer is perfect for cooking over a fire. For breakfast or dinner, sausages, hot dogs, or veggie dogs are an easy fix.

After dinner, marshmallows and s’mores are the classic treat. Get creative with the s’mores using flavored graham crackers and different chocolate candy bars.

In a Can

If it comes in a can, it is ideal for camping. Chili, corn, or beans are typically cooked in a pot and pair nicely with a charred hot dog. Don’t forget the can opener!

Out of the Fire

Sandwiches and pasta salad are a lunchtime favorite. These dishes can be prepared in advance for the same or next day. For the rest of the trip bring extra supplies for a simple yet delicious lunch.

Cooking Supplies

Campfire Grate

Campfire Grate

Lighter fluid and plenty of matches to light the fire is a must. Other necessities include a medium to large lightweight pot, a frying pan of similar size, aluminum foil, and a portable grate that can be placed over a fire pit. Most campsites have a grate built into the fire pit.

Lastly, you will need spatula, tongs, and skewers. Pulling food off a fire barehanded is far from pleasant.







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